I feel privileged to sing with the Savridis.  Once a week I get to put my busy life aside and focus on making beautiful music with talented musicians. It is so fun to learn music quickly and precisely under top notch leadership.  Laughter, friendship, connecting and creating images with music (and helping audiences feel that connection)......that's what I love about the Savridis.

Lavonne F.,

Efficient and productive rehearsals are key to my enjoyment of a choir. There's an atmosphere of respect, and a collective desire to achieve results while enjoying the music and each other.

Catherine M.,

The musicianship and camaraderie of this group feeds a person's sense of satisfaction in belonging to something bigger and more beautiful than oneself.

Julianne R.,

Singing in the Savridis is an opportunity to meet like-minded women and engage your love of singing while growing your cultural network.

Debbie W.,